The $US 1 Million Informal Traders Transition Fund

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Investors Hub is a  catalyst firm assisting the next generation of exceptional Startups and established entrepreneurs who are designing and executing innovative business models to profitably serve the  African,Asian,European,Oceanic and American ’s aspiring mass market.

Our vision is in line of the United Nations thus the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are a  plan to create a better and more sustainable future for all and  an urgent call to action and global partnership among all countries.  

Our breadth and depth of relationships  with foreign and local investors, especially impact investors, is unrivalled for companies looking to raise US$1 million to US$500 million and start ups from US$5000 to US$ 500 000

Informal Traders Transition To Formal Economy in Africa

We are merging all informal African productive businesses into the formal economy through business registration, opening bank accounts , tax revenue registration etc starting with Southern Africa . Africa investors Hub is here to create generational wealth by solving African problems.

The move aims to facilitate these businesses’ access to funding, training and marketing opportunities offered by the African governments, and enable them to participate in local as well as international exhibitions, and take their products to foreign markets.Additionally, Africa Investors Hub seek to create an investment-friendly environment to increase the volume of investments and create more jobs for young people.

Informal firms do not contribute to the tax base and tend to remain small, with low productivity and limited access to finance. As a result, economic growth in regions or African countries with large informal sectors remains below potential.This is the problem we are solving as Africa Investors Hub hence formalizing this fundamental economy catalyst.

Informality critical looking affects how African economies can grow, develop, and provide decent economic opportunities for the Africans.Formalization  contributes to the establishment of better (decent) jobs, creates a broader tax base that may allow lower rates, possibly increases investment. Formalization also leads to access to finance and market information, thereby enabling improvements in the productivity.It is therefore imperative to resolve the challenges this sector faces and develop strategies for its formalization

Our Vision

Our vision is to benefit future generations for long after we left in order to transform Africa socioeconomically and it resonates with the Africa Union Agenda of 2063 and the United Nations sustainable development goals of 2030.

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The Team

Investment and Wealth Advisor

Investment Facilitation । Economic Empowerment । Sustainable & Inclusive Growth |Connecting Entrepreneurs to Capital |Business and investment advisor.

Business Consultant
  • Semi-retired widely experienced African project and economic development management consultant.
  • Past 20 years consulting mainly in major economic development areas of infrastructure, mining, raw mineral beneficiation, as well as recycling projects.
  • Worked with international agencies (DBSA, EU, EIB, USAID, DFID etc.) undertaking regional economic development project work.
  • Presented many development ideas and findings to Presidents and senior Government Ministers as well as regional SADC & COMESA & NEPAD organisations.
  • Served on 34 boards of various companies as well as Parastatal organisations in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Mauritius, and Netherlands and still serve on some boards. 

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