Startup and entrepreneurship Growth

Our Global Investors Platform provides guidance in tackling various business challenges, addressing strategic problems, and bringing entrepreneurs and startups to greater heights. We help entrepreneurs and innovators, early stage startups and incubators to launch new businesses, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas, link them to funding opportunities or simply to think “bigger”.

Practical consultancy

Over the years we have built a pool of tools that can help us facilitate your entrepreneurial curiosity and creativity by providing tailored mentoring and practical hands-on consultancy. launching and leading a startup successfully requires a unique leadership toolset, and to regularly maneuver between two valuable resources, time and money, where every decision creates a thread of dynamics, it might put you on the right track, or swipe you away and force you to change course later on. Learning and understanding what are the opportunities, where and when to double down and when to move cautiously or back off is a skill that is developed through hard work and experience.

Entrepreneurial facilitation

Global Investors Hub has built up expertise through more than 10 years of experience and knowledge acquisition in a number entrepreneurial and startups related areas; amongst others we specialize in deck presentation, business planning, strategic planning, design strategy, marketing strategy, project management, product strategy and financial planning and management.

Let’s merge our goals

We  offer comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs and startups. We will merge our individual talents with the collective expertise of our global network to help you reach new heights! Over the past 10 years our team have worked closely with entrepreneurs, founders, leading VCs, incubators and business angels.

Business plan and startup strategy

We give one on one expert opinion and consultancy to entrepreneurs, review or walk you through crafting a business plan or investment deck by evaluating your mission, help you conduct market analysis, financial forecast, competition benchmarking, estimate capital needs, product roadmap, services, management and operational plans and advise on what are the best marketing and sales channels for you.

Growth hackers

We develop individualized solutions for startups and high paced organizations and use a lean process to drive results quicker with less spend. Our startup methodology is data-driven, analytical and focused on results. We can guide your startup or business  in starting and running a successful growth hacking process and to help your teams execute growth oriented activities as well as fundraising opportunities with the global investors and venture capitalists.

We work effectively with entrepreneurs, founders and executives to craft and deliver business goals and objectives.
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