The Way To Handle A Crush If You Are Already Dedicated

The Way To Handle A Crush If You Are Already Dedicated

Expert-approved techniques to make fully sure your benign crush stays that way — and exactly what it can show your about your relationship.

Pam and Jim, from TV’s work flirted for decades from the outset. (Picture, Getty Artwork)

The chap in the office — exactly what a catch! He’s pretty, funny and oh-so considerate. Oddly interested in this brand-new associate, you find yourself going by their desk more frequently, swapping “hilarious” e-mail forwards, putting on lip-gloss the very first time in many years, investing the regular efforts pants and cardigan for flirty dresses and upping your locks video game.

If perhaps you were solitary, each one of these things could indicate the beginning of an enjoyable, flirty connection. But you’re maybe not single, you have had gotten a loving loyal lover and also you wish to keep it like that — the question was exactly how?

Here are five expert strategies for making sure an ordinary crush continues to be that way and does not threaten your own commitment to your partner. (more…)

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