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Africa Investors Hub is closing a very big gap in Africa starting with Zimbabwe in formalizing the informal sector in order to create generational wealth and the growth of African countries economies.The organization is working tirelessly with the Ministry of Women,Small to Medium enterprises in the formalization for funding opportunities.To ensure that we meet the needs of even the micro-sized productive business such as informal traders ,Africa Investors Hub has designed a funding programme aimed at solely uplifting and sustaining micro-enterprises and other informal businesses trading in Zimbabwe to transition into a formal economy.

Since the informal traders can open bank accounts in their trading names and secure tax clearance from the Zimra Revenue authority , they will be far better equipped and more motivated to expand as it is part of formalization .This fund will be disbursed in form of trading business loans as follows.

Micro Business loan size
• $us500-1000
Medium Business loan size
• $us1000-5000
Macro Business loan size
• $us5000-10 000

The strategic Fund specifically targets entrepreneurs in the informal economy and it’s going to have bearable interest fee. The formalization process has been identified as critical in addressing the key developmental goals of the Government, namely sustainable livelihoods (poverty), job creation (unemployment) and equality (inequality)

• Zimbabwe Citizen(Women,Youths and Men)
• Registered with Africa Investors Hub for the formalization.
• Age 18+

Fund Impact
• Increase in Profits for the enterprises
• Job Creation
• Business Sustainability and Expansion
• Growth in Asset Base
• Eligibility for Intermediary and Advanced Programs
• Business Formalisation
N.B The Fund Launch Date will be announced in due course.

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