Whether you put yours automobile or have to rent out one, the very first stop on your way down seriously to Victoria is certainly not far a€“ Sidney!

Whether you put yours automobile or have to rent out one, the very first stop on your way down seriously to Victoria is certainly not far a€“ Sidney!

Time 1 a€“ from ferry terminal or airport to Victoria

Perhaps youa€™ve produced your own car on the ferry, or perhaps youa€™re leasing one throughout the isle. We travelled within van, in case you want to rent a car you wona€™t find any rental enterprises during the ferry terminal a€“ youra€™ll need to go towards airport.

Ita€™s perhaps not miles away from the ferry terminal, below 10 kilometres, of course, if you dona€™t need simply take a taxi to obtain around, therea€™s also public transport.

Whether your lead a auto or have to rent out one, the initial avoid on the way down to Victoria is not faraway a€“ Sidney!

Sidney on Vancouver isle was a fairly seaside people close to the ferry terminal in Swartz Bay and the earliest avoid with this Vancouver Island itinerary.


Always maybe not rush straight down directly to Victoria a€“ browse Sidney, a pretty seaside people, initially!

Take a walk across the beach front, maybe need one thing to take in after their journey about plane or ferry and look for some shops before going back to your vehicle to keep down to Victoria.

Beacon mountain and Spiral Beach throughout your earliest nights in Victoria

Depending on once you show up, you do not need an excessive amount of left throughout the day. Since Fredrik and that I lived in our very own campervan, we always prepared our very own foods, and so I cana€™t recommend any dining for your needs. But during all of our earliest evening in Victoria we transpired to Beacon slope and Spiral seashore where we had lunch by the liquid as you’re watching the sunset a€“ which something I highly can suggest!

I cherished enjoying the sunset in Victoria!

The worlda€™s tallest free-standing totem pole

Should you appear previously in Victoria, youra€™ll have the opportunity to invest much more amount of time in the playground. Always dona€™t skip the worlda€™s tallest free-standing totem pole while youa€™re there a€“ ita€™s practically 39 yards high!

Youa€™ll select the worlda€™s tallest free-standing totem pole in Beacon mountain Park, Victoria.

Time 2 a€“ Victoria

The second day of the road trip on Vancouver area will be completely spent in Victoria.

Downtown Victoria

After morning meal, jpeoplemeet mind down seriously to Victoriaa€™s the downtown area. There are numerous adorable roads, stores, cafes and great buildings. Dona€™t forget about to look at Victoriaa€™s Chinatown besides!

British Columbia Parliament Structures

When ita€™s time for lunch, discover a cafe or restaurant or create what we should performed a€“ bring a picnic and get meal while watching Legislative set-up of British Columbia. Ita€™s a really pretty building and you can invest quite a while walking around it! Why don’t you carry on a free of charge trip with the parliament structures?

The British Columbia Parliament houses tend to be stunning a€“ you need to need a picnic from inside the playground with this view?

Fishermana€™s Wharf playground

Stroll over the harbour, perhaps see among Victoriaa€™s galleries when youra€™re ready for dinner, head over to Fishermana€™s Wharf playground a€“ ita€™s simply quarter-hour on foot from Legislative set-up of British Columbia. Read the vibrant houseboats (yes, visitors do reside here!) and decide that which youa€™d like for lunch.

At Fishermana€™s wharf playground in Victoria, youra€™ll pick a lot of tasty as well as countless colorful houseboats.

McNeill Bay

You can either remain of the harbour or purchase take-out and drive over the coast to McNeill Bay where youa€™ll see these lovely chairs a€“ the perfect destination to enjoy the sunset at!

The blue and reddish furniture at McNeill Bay present rather a fairly see.

Day 3 a€“ Victoria to Sooke

Ita€™s time and energy to keep Victoria and go to Sooke to go climbing on Vancouver area for the first time! Ita€™s not as much as 40 kilometres away from Victoria, so you dona€™t need to do plenty of creating now, but be sure to perhaps not overlook this concealed gem as you go along a€“ Spirit Bay.

Make sure to maybe not skip heart Bay on your journey to East Sooke local Park.

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